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    I use the Chateau theme and would like to increase the width of my sidebar. Please how can I do it? Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you want to decrease the content column’s width to do that, keeping the same overall width for your site or do you want to increase the overall width of the site? Right now the maximum width for the content area is set to 1000px (max width because this is a responsive width theme).

    How much do you want to increase the sidebar width? The widths are in percentages. Right now the width of the sidebar is 19.68% and the content column is 76.1%.



    I can decrease the content width, since it has broad margins. Let´s say I would have 5% more on the sidebar and 5% less on the content area.

    Thank you very much, thesacredpath.



    So, thesacredpath, would you tell me the code to make the above change on my blog?


    This reduces the primary (content) by 5% and increases the secondary (sidebar) by 5%.

    #primary {
    width: 95%;
    #secondary {
    width: 24.68%;


    Great! Many thanks, thesacredpath. It worked perfectly.


    You are welcome.

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