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Increase space around photos?

  1. Hi, all. I can't seem to increase the amount of space between a photo and type, when I wrap text. The type butts the photo. I've tried adding vertical and horizontal space in the "insert/edit image" photo editor, but no luck. I'm using PressRow. Any advice? My work-in-progress site:

    Thanks, Frank

  2. The forum search box is your friend {she said with a grin}. You can do this in two ways. Here's one and I'll leave it to you to search and find the other way or for another blogger who uses the text rich editor to give you the instructions.

  3. Thanks. I'm still not quite sure what to do. (For instance, I'd love to use "white image canvas space" but I don't see that option.) But the word "margin" in search has been a big help. Frank

  4. Before I moved to a theme that didn't "scrunch" the text right up to the images the way you describe was this: prior to uploading, I put the image into MSPaint and added a margin in the same colour of the background on my blog. Then I uploaded the image with the margin around it and got the effect that I wanted.

    Other bloggers who use the text rich editor added spacing to the image code.

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