Increased spam getting through WP filters

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    Search here shows I am not alone in noting a steady trickle of spam appearing on my dashboard as Comments during the past two weeks.

    Each line of the spammers ID is generally filled in and they give a plausible email address and a REAL person’s Facebook profile for their URL. The comment itself tends to be plausible and neutrally expressed, but often contains garbled characters, which is one giveaway.

    Just thought I’d report this – believe me, I am not ungrateful for WP’s spam filters that park *hundreds* of unwanted mails in the Spam directory. If you want further details of specific mails, just ask. Otherwise I’m marking them as spam.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m also marking them as spam.



    Today i received a stream of Hams, with valid and a non-spam type email ids and with the link of valid facebook profiles. The contents of the comment are fully text and most of them contain the mail keywords which are related to the post. A human reader can detect that although they contain the keywords related to the post, what the commenter has to express is meaningless. I have trashed these comments, now i will mark them as spam.


    I have noticed the same thing. A few were plausible and got approved before I saw the trend of spams with facebook profiles. yes, WP does a great job, but this new spam seems to get around their filters.



    It’s just like an arms race – sometimes the Spammers win a few rounds – keep marking the bad stuff as spam and Akismet will learn – but Akismet is way better than sorting through all the junk yourself. Been there done that.



    Akismet definitely does an excellent job. We will help Akismet to train over this new kind of spam.

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