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    Has anything been changed recently as I am getting lots more spam in general and some arriving unchecked in the Comments, despite give-away words, eg., “sex” etc. Can you help

    The blog I need help with is



    I noticed that too. I recently answered a query on a non-English forum from a user who claims that Akismet tags spam comments by mistake.

    Well, turns out the comments in question were spam, without a question.

    My theory is that other bloggers who think they know better are repeatedly untagging these as “spam” comments. They don’t understand that they are in fact spam…



    I get 20 spam comments every 2 days. It’s part of the internet. Also these are not from actual PEOPLE, these are SPAM BOTS they can create accounts, post articles, post comments…etc. It’s just a script.



    I’m getting spam comments every day about insurance. What is the point of them since those comments will never be approved? It started a few weeks ago. I’ve been writing my blog for almost four years and never had any spam until now.

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