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    Hi Friends,
    I did some research on increasing fonts and am not tech savy with CSS code. Many of my readers have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Consequently, some of my readers have vision discrimination deficits. Small print is simply an obstacle that they can not overcome at the present time. I was wondering if there was a way that I could make the font larger on Second Chance to Live? I had a comment today asking me to increase my font because of their vision limitations. Any help would be sincerely appreciated and highly valued by the Traumatic Brain Injury population who visit and read Second Chance to Live. Thank you for your kindness in this matter. Have a simply phenomenal day!


    By the way, having the option to increase the font size on all of the themes would help our visually impaired readers. The staff at Word Press would certainly hit a home run for the visually impaired population by adding a widget to increase the font size, per the readers needs.

    As a traumatic brain injury survivor as well as a master’s level rehabilitation counselor, I would strongly suggest that Word Press make such a widget a priority. If one can not see the print of a post they will not be able to take advantage of the material on Word . Word Press would certainly distinguish themselves through out the industry by making such a widget available for the visually impaired.



    a) do you have the CSS upgrade?
    b) it would be better if you send your suggestions directly to staff



    craig: you can increase the font size without any upgrade by pressing the ‘ctrl’ button and scroll the scroller up/down on your mouse. some browsers like ie have options to adjust font sizes too.



    Incidentally visually impaired folk might find the font / page sizing arrangements in Opera are very good.


    Thank you for your input. I do not have problems reading on my end. I know to increase the font by holding down the control button and clicking on the +sign to increase the font size or the -sign to decrease the font size. I do not know if my readers know how to do that with their computer. I do not want to complicate matters for my readers — especially if they already are dealing with a disability — muchless telling them to install Opera to get the benefit. I really do appreciate the suggestions, however I have learned to keep it simple for my readers. Easy access + easy readability = happy visitors / loyal readers / meeting the needs of people. Under the Americans with Disability Act reasonable accomodations are mandated. Because Blogging requires reading, the reasonable accomodation for visually impaired readers would be to give the option to increase font size to accomodate their disability.

    If would create a widget to enable the reader to easily increase the font size, they would expand their market and have an increase in readership among visually impaired individuals. The widget, in my opinion would create a win / win outcome. In my opinion, making a widget to meet the needs of the visually impaired would be kind to the readership that visit WordPress Blogs.



    For now you could include the instructions in a text widget or paste them into the beginning of each post.


    Hi Judy,
    Thank you. A very good suggestion. I sent you an email several weeks ago, but never heard back from you. I hope you are doing well. Have a simply amazing day! Craig



    Hi SCTL,
    I use Andreas09 as well and any time I want a larger font, I click on the Show/Hide advanced toolbar, then select the dropdown menu were the word FORMAT appears. It gives you several options but I have used the “Heading” options 3 to 6 to accomplish a larger sized font.
    Now I have not written a whole post that way, but for you the poster, it allows you to select a larger font.
    Not sure if this is helpful as your readers cannot adjust themselves, but a s a writer, it may help :)



    What is that makes you so convinced your own readers are incapable of operating their own browsers?



    Um at the 404,
    The comment was directed to help “post” in a larger format…. readers do not have back-end access to that… so they cannot adjust the font that way. If the post is written in a larger format, then the reader may not need to adjust at all. There was no, let me repeat no intention to put down the reader… but they do not have back-end access to the posting area.
    Sorry for not making that clearer.
    Thanks :)



    secondchancetolive, maybe you missed my first question. Do you have the CSS upgrade?



    @gottabkd: my q was addressed to the OP. Sorry I didnt make that clear.


    Hi Devlog,
    No, I do not have a CSS upgrade. Thank you for asking. Have a simply amazing day my friend. Craig



    {waving g’day}
    Just to re-cap.
    With a css upgrade you can change the font size for the posts in your blog.
    Without the css upgrade you can only change the font size post by post every time you post.

    However, that being said, whether or not you do increase the font size using either method, all readers can control the size of font appearing on your blogs by using the functions on their browser. For example on a windows based system one can simply hold down crtl and click the plus sign + until they achieve a larger font size.

    And as I’m visually challenged I use my browser to make font size adjustments on almost everything I read on the web.

    HTH :)


    Hi timethief,
    Thank you my friend. After Judy B. suggested that I provide such information, I made a post and set up a page for my readers to be able to refer to in order to increase / decrease their font through the control + / control – key. Hopefully my readers who, are visually challenged, will either look at the page or the post in my site map.

    Note: One of my readers reported back to me that the contol + sign method did not work to increase font size for him. Why does the control + sign work for some people and not for others?

    Thank you for your time and kindness.





    Maybe your reader, for whom [Cntrl][+] didn’t work, is using a Mac?. Ask him/her and if that’s the case, on a Mac, they’d need to press [Command][+]

    [Command] is the key with an apple drawn on it.



    Hi Devblog,
    Thank you my friend. I believe my reader, who is a friend of mine is using Windows XP. From what I understand — and of which mystifies me — some computers running the windows operating system do not appear to have the [Cntrl][+] capability to increase the font size. Got any ideas on how to do a work around if the above strategy to increase font size does not work on Windows operating systems?

    Thank you for your time and kindness. Have a pleasant weekend. Craig



    (1) First method – on the top toolbar -> View -> Text size -> Increase text size.

    (2) Second method -> keyboard (hold down the ctrl key and simultaneously click the + plus sign) to increase text size.

    These instructions do work on all windows based systems. If they are not working for your friend then he probably is not continuously holding the crtl key down while he clicks the + plus sign.


    Thank you timethief. Hard to know. Have a great week my friend. Craig



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