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    Is there an easy way to indent the first line of a paragraph and have the second line default to the left margin? I have no interest in learning code or messing around with CSS.

    The blog I need help with is



    Without a custom design upgrade, and CSS editing and/or coding the answer is “no”.


    Moderator which I found by searching for “first line indent” in the Support docs.



    I did a search for you. This is the result:

    This would give you indents on paragraphs, but when you use shift-return, that doesn’t start a new paragraph, it is only a line break, so until you actually hit return by itself, everything in between would be one long paragraph, so only the first line would be indented, nothing after the shift-returns.

    <div style="text-indent: 20px;">All your paragraphs here</div>

    The other way to do this would be to code each paragraph separately such as this.

    < p style="text-indent: 20px; margin-bottom: 0;">Paragraph text here</p>

    The above is very time consuming though as you have to hand code each paragraph after writing it (you would also have to play with the bottom margin to get things the way you wanted them).

    The best way to do this would be via CSS, which would take the Custom Design Upgrade. That way you could set it once in the CSS and forget it.



    Thank you both for your help. I was looking at an upgrade for pics, video and go for profit so I can accept ads anyway.



    go for profit so I can accept ads anyway.

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