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    The first 5 pictures are fine. But then an indent line appears around the next, and by the time I added the last picture, there were so many indent lines with captions but not pictures. How do I get rid of the indents? I need a page of 17 pictures. It’s on the Tee Shirts and Note Cards page.

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    The alignment icons in the WordPress editor are for aligning text; they are not for aligning images. They are used to achieve wrapping text around images on either the right or left hand side, or to display an image that’s centered without text on either side of it. If the text beside the images does not occupy the same amount of space that the image beside it does then the text wrapping will continue and the images and text that follow will have a staggered appearance.

    Align-left means position left, with the rest of the content wrapping around the right side of the image.
    Align-right means position right, with the rest of the content wrapping around the left side of the image.
    Align-center means position center, with no wrap-around (= the rest of the content below the image).

    To prevent the staggered effect what you do is insert the following snippet of code into the HTML editor after each image/text pair:
    <br style=”clear:both;” />



    The above reply is totally irrelevant.

    What you call “indent lines” are not indent lines, they are the borders of the captioned images. You’ve made a complete mess because after the first few images you inserted each image inside the caption of the previous one. You need to delete everything and re-do the page. When you insert a captioned image, make sure you move the cursor outside the caption area before inserting the next image (actually: before doing anything else). Easier in the Text editor rather than the Visual editor.

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