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Independent blogger

  1. What I need to know to be self-independent blogger,to use software to some Host?
    I little know about HTML..what else I should know?
    SQL,MYySQL,PHP..what else..?

  2. You need to be at

    These are the support forums for hosted blogs. Totally different software.

  3. ok for that,I know that need to be on but what I should come to know about needed knowledge..?
    I said that I know a little about HTML language,what else I should know to use sowtware..?

    SQL,MySQL,PHP...What else(?) have full control of software,of my blog,... becouse no one else will do it for me...?

  4. I've used WordPress since Jan 2004 and I helped in the forums and now I do support here.

    I know no sql.
    I know no mySQL
    I know just about no PHP

    I know enough HTML and I know enough CSS.

    So long as you are prepared for the occasional hitch, don't worry. Go for it.

  5. thanks Mark,
    I thought that I must know all that I mentioned becouse I thought that I must know to work with MySQL,PHP and all that at Host server..

    Ok I can learn enough of CSS for a week,but Who are working server job,(PHP,MuSQL.etc) staff?

    Is there advantage to use software toward software...?
    Tell me that becouse I am sure that you used both,first software, and now
    I guess maybe is better becouse it can be used plugins..
    Em I right or wrong?
    Compare it..

  6. At the head of the forum is a comparison between and in a sticky post titled "Please read me first".

  7. Ok,I will read it

  8. I'm pretty sure it will help you sort out the differences between the two. :)

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