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Independent Publisher 2 Tagline Font Size

  1. I am setting up a blog using Independent Publisher 2 and cannot figure how to make my tagline font readable? It seems to be in font size 6 or smaller which does not seem write, given the live demo. New to WP.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ha - of course I meant to write "does not seem right" instead of write.

  3. Hi Gregory,

    The tagline font size is controlled via My Site > Customize > Fonts > Headings. With the Truly Minimal theme, it is coupled with the size of the site title/post titles as well.

    If you leave it at the Normal setting, the customizer does not change the size from how the theme defines it. If you change it from normal to any other size, you'll see some variation there.

    Changing the tagline size independently would require Custom CSS, which becomes available when upgrading the site to Business or Premium. If you decide to upgrade and you'd like help adjusting this, feel free to reply here or ask over in live chat.

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