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    I cannot figure out how to create an index function. I have two headers under each are posted several essays. This seems a poor way to do this as a user has to scroll through all of the text of each essay to get to the one they want. I have seen on some WP sites the following: The user clicks on the heading and is shown a list of the essays under that topic. The user can then click on the post they want to read and are navigated to that essay. This index would function as a table of contents. I bought a very thick book, “WordPress Bible” but can’t find a reference to this specific issue. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I think the current arrangement discourages people from using the site. Thanks in advance. E. Corso (

    The blog I need help with is


    1) You can switch to one of the very few themes that display titles on category pages – see here:
    Or you can switch to a theme in which category pages can display custom excerpts – see here:
    If you type a space in the Excerpt field of the post editor and update the posts, category pages will display titles only.

    2) If you don’t want to change theme, the only thing you can do is manually create lists of links to your posts (in two static pages) and replace the category tabs you’ve got in your menu with tabs for these two pages.


    is there any documentation on how to do #2?

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