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Index of posts.... getting messed up

  1. Good morning...

    I am sure this is a simple thing to solve, but for some reason the more I mess with it, the worse it gets. I finally decided to make a page with an index of all my recipes, each one "clickable" to lead to the respective post

    Since the index page needs to be updated 'manually" each time I add a new post, I am trying to insert the new item in the group alphabetically - when I do that, somehow it's messing up the "link" in lines either above or below the new item

    For instance, I just added Butterscotch Brownies to my folder "Desserts, Sweets", but by doing so, I messed up the links of two other items below it - they all lead to the same post as Butterscotch Brownies.

    Is there an easy way to deal with this? Should I add a line before and after and then delete it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you edit are you doing so in the Visual editor or the HTML editor?

    I would recommend using the HTML view.
    It will be easier to not make a mistake because it sounds like a tag in one link is running though an unclosed tag to then be closed by a proper closed tag.

    If you edit that page and click to the HTML editor you will see an easy pattern to follow.
    Does that help?

  3. Will try that and report back....


  4. Worked like a charm!

    Thanks so much, now I can go on working on it.....

    By the way, I advise anyone who flirts with the idea of having an index to work on it while the blog is young, because it gets obviously harder and harder as time goes by

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