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    Does anyone know how to have an index page with the ‘table of contents’ at the top, and when you click one of the words, it takes you to that section on the same page (kind of like a FAQ section). Thanks :)



    We can’t answer any technical questions without a link to the blog, starting with http. We always need to see the blog in question.



    Sorry. The blog page in question is:

    I found the support page on ‘page jumps’ which is what I was trying to explain in the question above (funny how things make more sense when you know the proper name). However, the support page:

    was still quite confusing. I don’t get it.

    Thank you.



    We can’t see previews. We just need a link to the blog:

    Page jumps aren’t that complicated. Try following the directions and see if it works for you. Sometimes they sound more complicated than they are in practice.


    Your table of contents says: accompaniments, appetizers, etc. etc.

    You write those like that (in the html editor):

    <a href="#acc">accompaniments</a>
    <a href="#app">appetizers</a>

    etc. etc.

    And right above each section title you write:

    <a name="acc"></a>
    <a name="app"></a>

    etc. etc.

    Or write the titles themselves like that:

    <a name="acc">accompaniments</a>
    <a name="app">appetizers</a>

    etc. etc.



    @panaghiotisadam is correct. See also

    I use this in my blog for long subdivided posts. Although you need to add a Go to top link manually.



    You guys are amazing, thank you!!!! I went to bed and figured I’d sleep on it, and when I woke up I found you help–and it works! It’s like Christmas morning! Thanks!


    This was so much easier to understand – thank you!

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