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    Tonight I did a search on both Google and Bing for my blog,, just to see what came up,

    I was surprised at the high number of links to comments I’d made everywhere as jmnartsy. That seemed to be the bulk of the search results. Apart from one or two odd results that had nothing to do with my commenting, I was generally happy with the posts/Wordpress Forum references that showed up.

    My question: How can I ask both Google and Bing to remove all the comments links that have already been indexed, and to not index them in the future? I don’t use Webmaster Tools for either and wonder if it is possible to do this within the WordPress settings. If it is straightforward, I will do so for both blogs.

    By removing those comments links, it will considerably reduce the number of indexed pages on the web for and also

    Thanks, in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can ask them via their Contact links, but even if they would delete the ones they currently have, they would certainly continue to index your future comments, unless they are made on private blogs. That is one of their key functions, and they won’t make exceptions.

    If you truly don’t want any more comments under that name to be indexed, you will have to register a different name for commenting. And it won’t be able to link back to your blog, or google will connect those dots and you’ll be back where you started.



    Thanks, raincoaster, for your reply. Yes, I know Google wants to index everything.

    I’ve been thinking….is there a NOFOLLOW mechanism I can use within WordPress Dashboard for my domains? Or do I have to use Webmaster Tools to do that? I think I may have to, somehow. I’ll check Webmaster Tools.

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