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    I have some posts that I do not wish to be indexed by any crawler, whether google, yahoo, etc. I have password protected those posts. My question is if I password protect a post, will that prevent any crawler from reading and/or indexing my password protected posts?


    The blog I need help with is



    Password protecting a post results in a robots.txt file that tells the spiders not to index it.



    The Post Title will be indexed but the content can not be reached by the search engines and if you do a search on the title you can probably find it but not the contents (unless you published it and then password protected it) I have a couple of password protected Posts on my site and I can find them in Google but not see the contents and if I click on the search link I just end up at the “enter the password” thing.

    If someone copies part of the Post and puts it on the internet then all bets are off.



    Okay, thanks. That’s what I needed to know. If there was no way to prevent my posts from being indexed, then I was not going to post them. I don’t care about the title, it’s the CONTENT that I do NOT wish to have read by the spider bots.

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