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    I am trying to get certain categories to display only on certain pages (so that not all categories of post show up on the main page, and that the posts on the main page don’t show up on the ETC page I would like to make). I have found the follow resources through google to aid in this:\

    as background, and most importantly:

    However, small problem… These pages all have me editing a document called index.php. Where the heck is this file? I can’t see any place from the dashboard to access it.

    I’m pretty tech and web savvy, but I have found the WP backend incredibly unintuitive…

    The blog I need help with is



    You are posting to the wrong support forum for your software. We cannot help you here. The support we provide here is only to those who have free blogs from and being free hosted by You must post to to get support for your software. For greater clarity read the sticky post at the head of this forum please >



    I note that the blog linked to your username is a blog.What you propose above cannot be done on a free blog from and being free hosted by We users cannot even access those files on this multiuser blogging platform. Only Staff can as here templates are shared. All blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template. Only Staff can access those files and edit them as every edit they make effects all blogs wearing the same them.

    The support documentation for all free hosted blogs is here >



    If what you want to do on your free hosted blog is create website like structure then that can be done. Staff have provided this support documentation entry for those who want to structure their blog like a website which is what you want to do. >

    What’s critical is to understand when creating a website structure is the following:
    1. The differences between pages and posts >

    2. There is only ONE dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page. When we publish a post it automatically appears on the running page for posts and also on the Categories pages and Archives pages.

    3. We organize our posts by assigning Categories to them. Although there is only ONE dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that ONE page, we can create the appearance we have done so by creating a custom menu. In that custom menu you will be displaying Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation.

    These are the how-to instructions:

    1. You create a custom menu.

    2. You add the Categories you want to display and arrange them in the order you want.

    3. Then you add and drop and drag the sub-categories below the appropriate Categories, and when you have everything arranged in the menu that you want you save the menu.

    4. Go to the “theme location” module at upper left on the menu page. Select your custom menu name from the pull-down labeled “primary location.” Click the save button in that module.

    Note: If you wish you can also include pages and sub-pages of your own choice and custom links in your custom menu as well.

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