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India’s unmanned space vehicle to Moon!!!

  1. Hey guys, India has successfully launched her first Unmanned space vehicle to Moon (named Chandrayaan)?? Great News…
    What do you all think about it??


  2. Don't ask me go to calcutta and ask a few of those folks, if it had been the Yanks I'd have said the Bronx

  3. I think it was faked. There is no moon. It's just an elaborate ruse that the sky painters play on us every night. Those tireless they ever sleep?!?!?!?

  4. ...but if they discover any semi-attractive "moon women" - I'll be sure and "investigate"- for purely scientific purposes of course. You know, requisite "examinations" and all. :-)

  5. And I'm all like, the Americans can put a man on the moon, so why can't we put them ALL there?

  6. I was tikki'd pink when I heard that the Indians were goan to the moong, but raita way I thought they were just trying to curry favour with investors.


  7. Sari tur ban so slow shoulda bunged aload more in

  8. I heard that the United States purchased the entire mission, all the specs, hardware, scientific data, and land surrounding the site for $24.00 and and assortment of fine beads and trinkets.

  9. Ian: OW!

  10. ...Those tireless


    Whom are you referring to??

  11. ?? whats with all the dark humour/negativity?

    i think its wonderful that india is further developing their capabilities

    it is just kind of assumed by the "1st" world nations, that only we are capable of technological achievement, but in reality, the unequal distribution of wealth/resources & exploitation simply put some countries ahead of the curve for a while.

    kudos to india's space program

  12. Rain - does my playful punning pain you?

  13. i love the rain i love to splash in the puddles i think its so much fun

  14. AUGH. Did anyone notice how benny45 has replied to every single post in this forum... bordering on irreleverency?

  15. Correction: *irrelevancy

  16. @freddiemaze -

    Who was I referring to? Those tireless "sky painter" bastards who get up before me each morning and paint this thing some folks call "the moon" on the ceiling each night. They can't fool me. I know it's fake. There's a talking unicorn at my local watering hole that told me so. I don't know about you, but I've never known them to be the types to tell tall tales.

    Of course, in hindsight I think the beast was also certain the Rays would win the World Series, so perhaps his opinion was shite?

  17. @kstafford
    Whatever it is... I hope you didn’t mean anything that would hurt anyone(me)…

  18. Heavens no, I'm a passifistic equine. Unless of course I think there's an opening to impress the lady folk by being more aggressive. :-)

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