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Indonesian Validator

  1. Hello...
    I am a Indonesian(Id) user of and would like to become a validator of translation into Indonesian. I'm very interested in translation of wordpress into Indonesian languague. I have so far translate some tales from English into Indonesian to post it on my blog and many mathematical problem and solution too. Please kindly add me as a validator for Indonesian translation. I want to concentrate on if I'm accepted as the validator.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please...

  3. Please don't take this to the Polyglot's blog, which is meant for discussions regarding WordPress.ORG, not WordPress.COM.

    Now to the issue at hand:

    I want to take part in translation as a validator. I want to be a translator at a local support forum moderators for Indonesian.

    I understand that, but we do not "own" the translation, you'll still have to get in touch with the current validators:

    I’ve tried changing the language in but it does not work.

    Could you explain? I'm not sure I'm following

  4. I'm sorry..
    But, Could you please create a Indonesian project for After The Deadline, Gravatar, VideoPress on and make me validator? Thanks!

  5. I really need some feedback from the current validators before I can go any further, thanks.

  6. I understand, but I see other validators are very busy. I just wanted to help ease the work of other validators. For that, I hope you can make me as a validator. I promise, I will truly translate the language. I beg you make me as a validator to the four projects of Indonesia. I will work with full responsibility. And relieve the other validators work.

  7. @vanillalounge:
    Who is the validator for project After The Deadline, Gravatar, and VideoPress on Is there one validator or are there many?

  8. @f4dhli or ztutorial:

    I want to take part in translation as a validator. I want to be a translator at a local support forum moderators for Indonesian.

    We already have validators for There's no limit as to how many validators a language could have but 2 or 3 people are more than enough since to many validators will usually lead to inconsistent & ununiform translation. See this thread for more information.

    I see that you are already a moderator in Indonesian support forum and there's no need for local support forum to be translated.

    I’ve tried changing the language in but it does not work.

    If what you are asking is why your translation does not immediately applied to, it is because your translation have to be approved by a validator before it is used in It may takes some time before your translation (if approved) is used in By keep contributing to the translation you already helping us.

    The Indonesian team is looking for vounteer to translate WordPress for Windows Phone & WordPress for iOS. You could contact them here if you're interested.

  9. Please Ze...

  10. bbPress also has many strings left untranslated :) Feel free to help

  11. @ztutorial, please start suggesting strings first, so that the current validators can see your contributions. Feel free to contact them again in the near future to discuss becoming a validator.

  12. @Ze: Alright ... thanks a lot :)

  13. @f4dhli / ztutorial: I see you already started on iOS :) welcome... mmm spasinya jangan lupa disamakan yg sebelum tanda kurung "(" hehe

    @f4dhli / ztutorial, @yohanesniko: let's discuss about the uniformity and the consistency of the translations, here:

  14. so, it's all settled I guess..

    @f4dhli / ztutorial
    Remember you could still help translation process by suggesting strings via glotpress.

    @sofyand121 sure, I'll drop by in a couple of days.. :D

  15. @Ze: I will begin my contribution. And I hope my contribution will be useful to all. Thank you...

  16. @vanilalounge: Problem resolved. please close and delete this topic. Thank you very much.

  17. Thank you

  18. @ztutorial & f4dhli: I'd like to inform you that all your suggestions in have been processed. Thank you for your help and keep contributing! :D

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