Inelegant solution to word splitting in titles and headers

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    Problem is erratic word splitting dropping letters to another line in blog titles and post headers. May also cause overlapping.

    Theme is Sunspot. Blog is Second blog is Heizer uses Windows 7 and IE9 with screen resolution of 1280×1024. Morrison uses Windows 7, IE9 and Chrome with screen resolutions of 1440×900 and 1366×768.

    Steve is building Heizer Guitars using Sunspot. In his view of the blog, the last letter S in the title was dropping to another line. That was not occurring in my view of his blog, using 2 different monitors and 2 different browsers IE7 and Chrome.

    I switched my blog Islanders to Sunspot theme, and then the last S on the title S in my title also dropped to another line. But my view of Steve’s blog title was still correct, with no letter drop.

    Switching my browsers and screen resolutions had no effect – my Islanders was dropping a letter but my view of Steve’s Guitars was fine, while his view of Guitars showed a letter drop.

    The inelegant fix in IE9 is to go to the browser toolbar (use F11 if you can’t see it), click on View, slide down to Text size and reduce it to the next smaller size. The inelegant fix in Chrome is to go click on the funny 3 horizontal line icon in the upper right hand corner, click on Settings, go to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings, slide down to Web content and then change the Font size to the next smaller.

    This of course reduces readability. This can be overcome by using the hot key combination Ctrl + This works in both IE9 and Chrome. Note that if you use Ctrl + too many times, the text splitting, letter dropping reappears.

    This problem and fix may also apply to other themes. Searches of the Forum using word wrap, text wrap and word splitting uncovered past references to similar problems in Blogum and Oxygen themes. I also see an inquiry about footer text wrapping in the Magazine theme. We are suspicious that this problem also caused Steve difficulty when his Under Construction post title was all caps.

    I would like to hear back if other persons have this problem, attempt this fix and if it works or doesn’t work for them. Also, I am unsure how this issue would play out on a mobile platform smaller than a laptop.

    The blog I need help with is




    This is a known issue with Sunspot — depending on the length of the title, it may break in odd places. Here is a staff response from a similar thread.

    The short version: The recommended fix is to find a theme that better fits the site title, or use Custom CSS to adjust the font size such that it fits at most screen sizes.



    Or create and upload a header image with the title and tagline on it, and hide the actual blog title and tagline (Appearance > Header: uncheck the option “Show header text with your image”).

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