Inexcusable censorship from WordPress

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    I’ve just realised that WordPress are only allowing positive “I love the new dashboard” comments in their announcement post:

    This is unbelievable!

    I’ve had a critical but polite comment held in moderation, yet other shiny happy posts have been approved since then. And apparently this is the case for all critical comments that people have tried to post.

    Who are WordPress trying to fool? Its users?

    The fact that WordPress made this change without allowing its users to beta test is bad enough.
    The fact that there has been very little feedback from official support staff is also poor, but understandable if they are too busy trying to fix things.
    But the fact that WordPress are trying to gloss over these problems and paint a rosy picture is really surprising.

    Previously I had just put the problems with the new dashboard launch down to bad management and planning. But now I am seriously hacked off with WordPress.

    Any good will I had towards them has just disappeared.



    Just stop whining. It’s not the end of the word!



    There are a few people saying how much the new wordpress dashboard sucks and its lame and how much they hate it… But it would be unfair of them to not approve of your comment, granted you did not say SCREW YOU WORDPRESS YOU SUCK blahblahblah and went on like that for 50 lines..

    As for the dashboard… I dunno man, I don’t mind it at all.. it seems more organized to me and it feels like it’s better than the previous version. Also everything is still there (to my knowledge) so apart from a little getting used to…… but well everyone has their own take on it..

    What don’t you like about the dashboard?



    That’s how moderated comments go. It’s all up to the moderator. Given that they didn’t give you any warning and they didn’t ask for a community buy-in before making this change, what made you think that the comments on that post were intended to become a debate rather than a PR exercise?



    Well, in terms of layout I don’t have any major complaints, although I wish categories was back in the right column so they were quicker to select when writing posts. But apart from that I think it’s mostly cool. I’m not the sort who simply dislikes change.

    But my main problem with actual usability was/is photo uploading. Much more long-winded now and it doesn’t work in Safari anyway so I have to use Firefox (which I don’t enjoy so much). Eventhough it usually works in Firefox it’s still a much less easy process than it was before, so it’s quite frustrating.

    Of course I’ve already gotten used to it, but it’s a shame that I have to.



    It isn’t censorship for them to prevent you from speaking out on their blogs. It would be censorship if they prevented you from speaking out on yours.



    Oh, and actually an “I hate the new upgrade” post was in the top ten for a couple of days after the change. It was REALLY popular, for obvious reasons.

    I’m not saying what they did was right. I’m just saying I’ve seen it before and it’s what you should expect from that blog.



    That’s true Raincoaster… I guess i should know better. I don’t know why, but I’d just assumed that WordPress was free from all that BS.



    Alas, it is not. For all that the software is open-source, WordPress.COM is a top-down organization, at least as far as user experience goes. I’ve met some of the staff and I like them, but it’s unpleasant to be on the receiving end of this stuff, especially on a Friday night when you KNOW all the Sunday Drivers are going to be very confused and complaining in the forum. A head’s up would save everyone much time and aggro.



    I find it peculiar that so many commenters raved about how great the new wordpress is …
    on the link citinite gives.

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