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    Usually, my average views are about 50 per day with a peak of 149 on a day in April, but since yesterday my stats are going through the roof: 1,941 yesterday and already 403 today (at 10 o’clock in the morning).
    This increase is incomprehensible because it seems as if just one visitor/IP address alone has caused this increase. However, I simply do not believe a single visitor to click thousands of times through a website that hosts only 36 posts.

    Apart from the provided WordPress Stats I also use a visible Revolvermap widget and an invisible StatCounter widget.
    Revolvermap shows four massive waves of visits from the US lasting up to five hours. Before and after, it is the usual number of views.
    This aligns with the StatCounter data which indicates just one visitor/IP address in Corona, New York, responsible for all the increase – visiting none of my pages but posts and categories, clicking every 5 to 30 seconds the very same post repeatedly or a new category.
    It is noticeable, that in StatCounter all visited posts show the URL endings /?shared=email&msg=fail or /?replytocom=followed by various three digit numbers.

    What is happening with my stats, and how do I know which visits have been true or false?

    The website concerned:

    Looking forward to your response.

    The blog I need help with is



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    What does that mean?



    Hi there,
    It means that Staff will enter this thread, check out your blog stats and post a response to you in this thread when they have done that.



    Sounds as if the cause might be something rather unusual…

    Thank you!



    You’re welcome. :) Please be patient while waiting for Staff to respond.


    hmmm interesting, I to have been experiencing a slow down of wordpress in the last 48hrs where the option to create new posts never loads, I am in the process of contacting support, I was wondering if wordpress was suffering a DDOS attack !



    The spike only appears to happen for those two days, and traffic was much less on the second day.

    Though there were no referrer records, the hits were all unique visitors viewing your blog’s main page.

    Perhaps someone shared it via email, as that never leaves a referrer record.



    Thanks for your response.

    Do I understand you right that the massive increase is accurately created by numerous unique visitors – not only one?

    Of course, you can only evaluate wordpress data and I don’t expect you to assess third party visitor tracking systems. Besides, I am aware of the fact that every statistical tool works slightly different due to the general approach as well as the complex mathematical parameters, and therefore will always result in differing outcomes.

    Nevertheless, StatCounter indicates only one visitor/IP address responsible for almost all page loads on the first day. Although the spike decreased considerably on the second day, a significant number of views is yet again from the very same US visitor/IP address in Corona, NY, scrolling my categories and posts every few seconds. Moreover, Revolvermap indicates the same visitor’s origin. This substantial difference between the results of the three tracking systems seems to me to be quite unsual.

    I wonder if this could be evidence for another cause. Is there a kind of spamming or whatever in which a computer repeatedly accesses a website every few seconds?

    Granted that someone shared my website via email and the recipients visit my website, their page loads should be indicated with their own origin (city etc.), right?

    Interestingly, on both days most page views happened between 4 and 9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. To me, that seems a rather unlikely time of the day for email recipients to be awake and timely able to react with more than 1,500 views to a web-link provided by a sender.

    Frankly, I still find it all quite strange.

    With best regards



    Depends on the details of that “one” visitor. I mean, if they come from the vicinity of leavenworth, it’s all AOL customers. Doesn’t mean they live there.



    Do you mean it could be the IP address of the provider’s server? Since the browsing of this “one” user is hosted by Road Runner, that would mean this one IP address indicates the server being located in Corona, NY?

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