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  1. WANTED: A drama-free life of zen for an AmerAsian Daoist! ~ ~

    This blog is my own personal means of brain dumping any drama, emotions, experiences, and such while it’s eating at me… Besides, it’s a free service compared to the cost of therapy, and I’m not one to participate in group bashings of spouses or what not, while in the company of others. I don’t claim to be objective in my thoughts or in my posts (though I do try to be), nor do I claim to have all the answers (though I’m usually quick-witted). I do, however, intend to be honest with myself and my guests by spilling my heart out here. In order to protect the (not-always-so-) innocent, this may mean at times that not all of my posts will be visible to the public! (I know, I’m such a KillJoy…) :P

    Perhaps I’ll find a few visitors who can say with sincerity that they know where I’m coming from and I won’t feel so alone, or maybe some who can explain to me the opposing viewpoint and enlighten me in the err of my ways… Or perhaps I will look back on this and realize something new about myself, my attitude, my situation, etc… Either way, I hope to learn from my past before I become it! ;)

    What about you?

    The blog I need help with is

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