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    Thanks WP, for deleting my post just because I forgot to put in a title! I don’t have time for this crap!

    I’m forced to deal with this offensive infinite scroll, which, as far as I can tell, is a self-serving innovation that anticipates where tech is going. And I am facing the possibility, evidently, of finding no solution or at least no permanent solution – if WP intends to simply (eventually) disallow all WP bloggers to avoid it. The damage done to users of WP dot com, who thought you were a friend (in this loveless world gripped by mafia capitalism), is not small. But that’s okay, because glory unseen isn’t glory. Taking from others – their means of survival, their peace, their security, whatever – is one way to get the people’s attention. That attention equals glory.

    Aside from plain English, and diagrams, I am looking for a theme that includes something called footer widgets (not found in any search I’ve done). I know what a widget is. And I know how to find a handy collection of themes with infinite scroll working in them, which makes it not handy to compare all the themes to see which DO NOT include the theme. Which may not matter if WP intends to gleefully cripple that workaround at some point.

    I was going to just ignore this amazing new feature (which surely amazes) in my Sapphire theme, but it’s hard to do that when it actually messes up the theme.

    If someone can say something helpful to me about this, that would be appreciated. Those who can’t will be ignored.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you have a problem with a missing post then it would be best to add a thread explaining exactly what that problem is. There are many themes with footer widgets, but you can still disable infinite scroll in Dashboard>Settings>Reading



    You didn’t read my post very carefully, Did you? I can’t say more without being rude. So I won’t.


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    Please do not be rude: these forums are manned (womanned) by volunteers, your fellow bloggers. We all try our best to be helpful and while staff does stop in sometimes, everyone does appreciate politeness. Yes?

    To clarify:
    it appears that you are talking about 2 different issues that are problematic for you:

    deleting my post just because I forgot to put in a title


    I’m forced to deal with this offensive infinite scroll,

    There has been a long-standing problem with draft posts going missing and staff has not fixed the issue at this time:
    1.Solution: give your new post a title, then publish it privately. Save and preview as you add text and media. When it’s complete, change the published view to public.

    2. Infinite scroll:
    does this help—


    Look under the 4th and 5th heading to find themes with Widget areas on the of the page.


    LOL typo – widget areas on the bottom of the page


    Tastes differ, but you might like Coraline or Pilcrow themes.

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