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Infinite scroll

  1. I recently purchased a domain here on wordpress ( and now a few days later am discovering this "infinite scroll" crap...... not happy with it, I think it sucks, and wish I hadn't wasted my money. I prefer page numbers, not an endless book printed on toilet paper appearance but I guess I'm stuck with it for the year I paid for......................................................................................................

    The blog I need help with is

  2. starshining4ever

    You can disable it or change to a theme that doesn't have infinite scroll.

  3. Disabling it does not turn it off. All that does is place a button at the bottom of the site "load more posts".... that's so dumb. The only themes listed are ones that include this horrid feature. How do you find the themes that replace normal pages?

  4. @sunsets4life
    Staff have been introducing “infinite scroll" to themes — a site wide change that will be applied to all themes that are suitable for the implementation.

    Themes list here >

    You can only remove the "load more posts" button that appears after disabling infinite scroll on this page > Settings > Reading if you are willing to purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the CSS editing required.

  5. Update, I have just spent 2 hours or long since my last comment here (wasting time in my life) on this issue going through all the themes available and they all either have this low excuse hyped up feature or either are not so great themes to look at. I'm very dissapointed in WordPress, Automatic, or whoever had the bright idea to implement this crap. I just want page numbers like normal websites have... not some stupid "load more posts" button.

  6. Most themes used to have Older/Newer navigation links. There were only three themes with page numbers for navigation, but WP changed those too.
    To really disable the thing, you need the Custom Design upgrade - see this post of mine:

  7. Thanks starshining4ever, and justpi for trying to help. I wasn't aware that WP themes didn't even have pagination before or that was changed.... and I can't see myself paying extra to buy CSS design control to remove something that shouldn't even be there anyway. I guess I'm so used to managing a self hosted wordpress site that doesn't have this infinite scroll bug in it...... and yes I call it a bug because that's what it feels like. I had only chosen to buy the domain hosted here on wordpress because I just needed a place honestly where I could get a cheap domain without too many bells and whistles..... and now I'm seeing there are no bells and whistles at all and your stuck with crap features....... oh well, I guess you can't complain about something you paid less than 20 dollars for just to have a place to show some non-professional photos anyway.

    I also viewed other complaints about this in the forums today and see I'm not the only one unhappy about this and I honestly cannot believe that will all the negative comments and concerns that some other long time bloggers voiced opinions on that wordpress still makes this mandatory. I'm afraid I don't have anything good to say about a company that does not listen to it's customers about something that could so easily give better control over.

  8. Oh and sorry for the typos :)

  9. I'm sorry that you don't like Infinite Scroll. Infinite Scroll was designed to speed up reading for your site visitors: no need to click on small arrows or page numbers to go to the next posts on your site.

    If you feel that a self-hosted site will offer you more flexibility, you are welcome to move your site to You'll find instructions for that here:

    Moving a Blog

    You can also feel free to keep your domain registered through us, and simply point the name servers to your new host, following the guide here:

    Change name servers

    Please let me know if you have any questions about moving your blog or Infinite Scroll.

  10. I'm sorry that you don't like Infinite Scroll. Infinite Scroll was designed to speed up reading for your site visitors: no need to click on small arrows or page numbers to go to the next posts on your site.

    Who on this planet wants to sit there scrolling a website that never ends? I know don't....... and then if you come back to that website later you cannot find a certain post you may be looking for because in all that scrolling you did before, you had no clue where within the website you were before. I cannot tell you how many times I have been browsing a blog here on wordpress wondering "when does this page end"... and it doesn't.... it just keeps going on and on.......... do you know how aggravating that is and how many times I have stopped looking at a website because infinite scrolling caused a feeling of being "lost".... like where am I within this site feeling. It really is a dumb feature.

    No, I will not be paying wordpress one hundred and twenty nine dollars for a "guided transfer". I will for the one year I paid my eighteen dollars on the domain for to expire and then at that time simply use the free URL only because of the community on wordpress but I will never pay another dime to wordpress as long as this feature is implemented.

  11. Hi sunsets4life, just to be clear, you do not have to purchase a guided transfer, it is a service that we provide for our users who need the assistance. You can move your blog yourself following the instructions that I linked to, and you can even transfer the domain elsewhere if you'd like instead of letting it expire, by following the instructions found here:

    Transfer a domain to another registrar

  12. Infinite Scroll was designed to speed up reading for your site visitors: no need to click on small arrows or page numbers to go to the next posts on your site.

    But after you scroll back a while - the browser loads up with all the data - sucks resources from the PC and slows things down - so yes quicker for the first few pages - then makes it virtually impossible to page back to the beginning of some blogs - and thus you have condemned some blogs to never getting a views of older Posts - great job I say!!

  13. Great job for them, because it creates lots of phony page views.

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