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Infinite Scroll: Do we get an opt out and will this apply to other themes?

  1. Nobody from Staff has answered any of the questions about whether there will be an opt out or if it will apply to other themes, apropos the 'Infinite Scroll'. Instead, they've made it into a sticky post which as we know, most people don't even see let alone look at.

    I think we've been silenced. I, for one, don't like that. What does anyone else feel about it?

    People were happy to contribute to the blackout protest about outside censorship. How about inside protest? A bit different then, isn't it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Record your protest here. Hope they will fix it soon.

  3. At the very least, they should come out with a public response, even if they are still looking into the matter. It's just common sense, good customer relations and basic politeness.

  4. @mannerofspeaking... we are guinea pigs here. Guinea pigs don't generally get to have any say in what is done 'for' them. is free. Have you ever asked yourself why it's free?

  5. @iphonist1 Thanks for reminding me about that thread. I hope they fix it soon too, but I think it's very unlikely. Once they've set their collective minds on something, that's it.

  6. @absurdoldbird - I'm aware that this is a free service (at the base level, anyway - I pay for some features) and I accept the related restrictions as such.

    However, this is a different animal: WP set up the themes and then promoted them with the features (at the time) so that members could make an informed choice about those themes. Having done so, WP cannot unilaterally change them. It is different from the layout of hidden statistics and such. There is a legal principle known as fettering one's discretion, but I won't bore readers with the details.

    I don't agree with you that we do not get to have our say. You certainly have been having your say on this and other related threads, as have I and others. This is one issue of many and WP has, in my experience, been responsive. And, we don't yet know what the outcome will be, so your comment is, at the very least, premature.

    On the whole, WP does a great job. In this instance, they did not. Time will tell whether they address the problem properly. However, I think our time is better spent focusing on the issue (infinite scrolling) than engaging in ad hominem attacks on WP.

  7. I'm not actually attacking WP. I've been very supportive of them since I've been blogging here, however, if you read the forums - not just my posts, but other people's you'll see more of what I've said.

    Tell me where they've been responsive on this issue, please, because I've missed that.

  8. @absurdoldbird - No, you haven't missed anything. I was referring to other issues in the past. On this issue, I agree with you completely that WP has NOT been responsive thus far.

  9. @MOS: AOB's "guinea pigs don't generally get to have any say" isn't her opinion on the guinea pigs, it's her opinion on the attitude of the lab technicians. And that's not an "ad hominem attack on WP", it's a correct observation based on past experience.

  10. I posted this elsewhere the other day because folks want to hear something from WP. So here, in case you missed my other post. I think I filled in a form in support (I had also emailed them) and within a day got this reply:

    "Hi, thanks for the feedback. The infinite scroll feature was introduced yesterday and is still very much something that's in-progress. You'll see some changes that make it behave better over the coming days. It's currently limited to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.

    I'm passing your feedback on to the team so that they can all see it, thanks again for sending it in"

    So maybe direct emails and support requests re "broken footers" and "broken stats" might get more response than just posting on their forum sticky.

  11. FWIW Staff have a sticky post on this issue pinned to the top of the forum

  12. Thanks for for posting this reply from support.
    That sticky thread was created to get the feedback of users. So it's better to post your feedback there.

  13. Thanks TT. However, when I looked this morning, comments were closed, on it. It looks like they've opened them again.

  14. @justpi - thanks. :)

  15. Thanks, I was addressing the obvious frustration expressed in various places about WP being nonresponsive. I did get a response from a direct appeal to support. Giving feedback on their sticky is important, since they expressly asked for that, but if a response is expected, other routes might be more effective. People have been giving lively feedback on the sticky but have experienced (to them at least) only silence in return. And that has added to the upset. It would be nice now for WP to give users some feedback in return, aka a response.

  16. Nonetheless, though I got a "response" in the sense of my note being responded to, what I really want is a SOLUTION

  17. The only response Automattic are likely to make to that sticky thread is to say 'We're still working on this feature, thanks for all your feedback!' and close it.

    Your solutions so far are:

    1. Use another theme
    2. Use a custom CSS hack
    3. Use another host

    None of these are ideal but they're all we've got.

  18. Oh Matt says

    and as we fix these issues up we'll continue rolling out infinite scrolling to the rest of the themes that work with i

    If this happens then I'll give up this messy world. WTH

  19. Wank - you called it an hour early - but then that also was where the smart money was since the start of this whole thing

    The only response Automattic are likely to make to that sticky thread is to say 'We're still working on this feature, thanks for all your feedback!' and close it.

  20. They answered, all right. Then closed the thread.

    If they don't fix it... Then I am taking the site and my money elsewhere.

  21. Sooo disappointing. I imagine one reason stats went up was us and our users scrolling frantically trying to find the bottom of the page. I will try to fix up the new blog I set up for my 81 year old friend that had everything she needed on the front page. She was so excited about her daily posts. I certainly won't pay for a CSS upgrade because I can't rely on WP not to make further damaging changes and I guess I'll look elsewhere eventually. I am learning Joomla and will be looking for a host soon. I think the WP closing post on the sticky says it all; it's about the stats...

  22. They actually broke the Stats with the change - they claim to have fixed it but my Stats yesterday were bogus

  23. Can a protest against Infinite scrolling do some trick for us? Like did when we protest against SOPA?
    I don't know but I'm going to protest cause i don't want my stats as lower as zero. Who will want to come and see a blog which takes half an hour to load? This is something more silly than all other blunders of wordpress.

  24. I imagine one reason stats went up was us and our users scrolling frantically trying to find the bottom of the page

    How ironic! This is exactly what happened to me. I refreshed my blog at least 10 times, used 3 different web browsers (Opera, IE, Firefox) changed many options on both the WordPress and browser's Javascript and still wondering what the hell happened!

    Until I searched the forums... that explained everything.

  25. And now I am using Nishita theme, I hope that will remain the same.

  26. Obviously stats went up because a) every time the page expands it counts as a new page view, b) scrolling down your own blog counts as more page views, c) people and their readers have been checking and re-checking while they try to work out what's going on and how to fix it. Brokenness != proof of popularity.

    If you are using one of the themes they've lifted from Tumblr or any developed inhouse, I'd guess those are the most vulnerable to infinite scroll. Older and deprecated themes are probably safe for the time being.

  27. No they are talking about doing this with all other themes. WTH

  28. I just read Matt's response to the closed thread and sadly I am singulalrly unimpressed. This is the first time since I came to WordPress that I have been extremely disappointed in bot the change AND the behaviour of management.

    I am sorry Matt, but your message was quite insulting.

    I would be interested to see the reaction of such users as CNN who have their sites on WP.

    I disagree infinite scrolling is "the future of all sites with more than one page". Most of us would go back to buying hardcopy newspapers if this was introduced on media sites because it is just unreadable.

    The comment about readership increasing is nonsense if it is simply people struggling through the change. Stats mean nothing unless there was true engagement of the reader.

  29. At least they haven't closed this thread yet... I've checked and they've closed (almost?) all the other ones! My guess is it won't take long before they shut this one down too.

    Another desperate plea to WordPress: PLEASE allow us to disable this stupid feature!

  30. That thread has been closed. The last comment is from Matt (co-founder of WordPress) >


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