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    I have a nerdy comics site I do as a hobby here

    As stated I’m using the Parament theme

    Activated the infinite scroll. When you get to the bottom of the first six posts it loads the next, but only once.

    Similarly if I deactivate infinite scroll (my preferred option) I see a “load more posts” button. Press this and it loads six more, but theres no button under these to load the NEXT six.

    The previous theme I had just had “load older” “load newer” links which worked fine but this one only seems to want people to read the last 12 things I posted.

    Any tips gratefully received. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Upon checking your blog personally, I can confirm that I have been able to press the “Load More Posts” button about six times before stopping. Have you tried viewing your blog in a different browser?

    Or clearing the cache and cookies in your current browser?



    Tried it in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Have now cleared the cache and cookies in both (hadn’t tried that before though, thanks) and still the same

    Gets as far as the “Rich Pickings” one and stops

    Crap… ok… just remotely connected to my home pc and tried there and it works fine. Probably some weird thing to do with my work firewall

    Thanks for looking though, much appreciated. I’ll assume it’s all fine :)



    The firewall could be the problem, but all is fine on my end :)

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