Infinite scroll – which themes?

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    Please give us an information about which themes you think about to enable the infinite scroll?



    Infinite scroll feature is added to two themes here, Twenty ten and Twenty eleven.


    From what I’ve heard there will likely be only 3 themes that will NOT get it.



    Yeah as Matt mentioned there that they guys will add this feature to the remaining themes too. Can you please name those 3 themes which are not going to get this feature?


    Actually 4: DePo Masthead, Hemingway, Duotone and Monotone were the ones mentioned.

    They’re leaving those that don’t want infinite scrolling some great choices aren’t they?



    Deprecated themes should be safe? Duster, Quentin, Rubric and so on. Obviously they will only be available if the theme was active when you signed up, but the whole point of deprecated themes is that they are no longer maintained, so adding infinite scroll to them wouldn’t make any sense.


    @wank, unless the real reason for the push on infinite scrolling is about ad impressions. Get someone to scroll down, click on a post and poof! There be ads! In that case, expect to see it everywhere they can possibly slash and burn enough to get it in.



    @tsp – I’m assuming what you mentioned about ads wouldn’t be true where a no-ads upgrade has been made – right?



    FYI the specific list of themes that won’t get it is speculative: in fact, I came up with it. Those themes are the ones where it simply doesn’t appear to be possible. Matt did specifically mention DePo Masthead, but the rest of them were my best guesses.

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