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    My site has acquired infinite scrolling. I didn’t change anything to add support for this.

    Any ideas on how to turn this off?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Ryan. Yes, it’s something that has decided to roll out to themes that support it, starting with Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven. Here’s the current list.

    If the theme has a footer widget area, it can be turned off by putting even a blank text widget into the footer.

    If you want to read more, check out the other threads tagged “infinite scroll”.



    Thanks Jennifer, I did a quick search but didn’t find anything else on the topic.

    I wish would stop messing with my site. I hosted it here as I figured it was a worry free approach so that I didn’t need to worry about maintaining my site. I don’t like knowing that my site can be modified quite heavily like this without doing it myself.



    It seems most of those other topics are closed, so I’ll complain here instead.

    I don’t mind if implements infinite scrolling, but please don’t do it my site without either (a) prompting me to select it, or (b) warning me in advance so that I can turn it off when it is implemented.

    @jennifer – thanks for the widget tip. That did the trick nicely :)



    Welcome to the Wonderful World of, where decisions are made for you. In most cases, users are neither consulted nor considered.

    And, you’ll probably want to know about the latest change coming to, responsive design in the Dashboard.

    Glad you were able to disable IS. :)


    All your choices are belong to AutoMATTic.




    I run WordPress trunk on my main site and all my test installs, so I think I’ve been running that responsive dashboard for quite a while now. I’m not too worried about admin panel changes anyway, it’s just abrupt changes to the front-end of the site that perturbs me.



    Have a great weeknd and best wishes with your blog.


    With self-hosted sites, I wouldn’t worry too much. WP will build it into core, but it is up to the theme designers to add it to their themes, if they so choose. Unlike AutoMATTic though I would expect most theme designers will include a toggle in theme options that will allow the user to choose whether or not to use it.



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