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    Seems like a long time ago, visiting a wordpress blog would show a certain number of posts per page, and if you wanted to see older posts, you’d have to select “older posts” or something and load another page to see those older posts.

    Now, there seems to be a kind of infinite scrollback, where you can (in theory) just scroll down forever without loading a new page, and the current page gets bigger and bigger, and BIGGER AND BIGGER — until your browser just f’ing chokes.

    This is of course completely idiotic and doesn’t actually work at all as any idiot could foresee.

    So, what do the non-idiots do?

    Being one of the idiots with the default setup,, my blog just plain doesn’t work (by which I mean, the browser f’ing grinds to a halt — usually nearly taking the whole machine with it if you have less than stellar patience to wait for the thing to complete its memory management algorithm to get around to processing the idiot programmer’s damn near infinite queue of blog posts. (Before you get upset at me for calling the programmers idiots, I’m a linux kernel developer, so, since I am clearly an idiot programmer myself, I’m allowed to call the other programmers idiots. Don’t take it too seriously.)

    What are the smart people doing to alleviate this ridiculousness?

    Maybe the problem is my blog has rudely persisted in existing since 2007 and perhaps such longevity is not within the design parameters of wordpress?

    — steve


    lol ok that was funny
    ok see if this works for you
    log in to>go to dashboard>settings>Reading>
    make sure you pick the very first dot “front page displays___>pick your latest posts>then go down to next pick “Blog pages show at most____>make it whatever you like > go to bottom and save changes….
    see if this works… good luck…

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