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Infinite scrolling

  1. When infinite scrolling was rolled out about four months ago we were told that over the coming weeks it would be applied to all themes. It's a great idea and I really love it but it still hasn't been applied to the Chateau theme.
    Is there a timescale for this upgrade? Any idea when it will be applied to the Chateau theme?

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  2. They're rolling it out to every theme that supports it, but as far as timescale, only staff would know, so I'll tag this for someone to reply.

  3. For you or anyone else interested, here's the list of current themes that support infinite scroll

  4. bryanvillarin

    I'm afraid we don't have a time frame as to when Chateau will support infinite scrolling.

  5. I use the P2-theme, and this theme would be perfect for the infinite scroll, unfortunately it doesn't support it. :-( Does anybody know if P2 will support it in the future? Thanks.

  6. bryanvillarin

    Hi herrschmitz,

    We're looking to add infinite scroll to all themes. You can see more details about infinite scroll in this blog post:

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