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    I don’t post in my blog anymore, so I had not noticed this feature until I was visiting another blog.

    Infinite scrolling is absolutely awful. And your workaround is no better. All it does is briefly interrupt the infinite scrolling to make you click a button, and then goes on to scroll some more, rather than taking the reader to a new page.

    With no pages, it’s impossible to know where you are, it’s disorienting, it’s incredibly annoying, and it takes longer to load. There are no advantages.

    As a reader, this is a nightmare.

    You don’t need to respond to this post, but please do away with this.

    This says it in more detail:



    I want to add that I am dissatisfied not as a blogger but as a reader of blogs, and as such I don’t have the option of changing a feature on a blog I am reading.

    I’ve read some other threads on this topic, and the replies from staff seem very defensive, with a tone of “Why are you too dense to appreciate this great improvement we made?” Yet when I searched on Google for opinions on infinite scrolling, I have only found either very negative opinions or lukewarm endorsements.

    Unlike bloggers, who can go elsewhere, readers have absolutely no say in any of this.

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