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  1. I've recently opened a blog in wordpress and it's indexed by gooble but there is no information about the blog in the google index.
    I've checked the blog with seekport and there is no site description, keywords or language in html meta tags.
    So the question is how to fill this information in wordpress?

  2. Your blog is too new to be in Google.
    They take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to put new sites into their results and there is nothing that can be done about that - they make their rules.

  3. I know this isn't a WordPress question, but you'll know and I haven't a clue: How is it that a google cache of a blog goes poof? There was a blog on Typepad that was taken down for TOS violations, but you could still see what had been said there via Google Cache. I just went back to Google for the cache and it appears that there's no record of it at all. I thought once posted, always cached.

  4. You can request Google to remove a cache - I've done that before.
    They usually require a change to code on the site to prove ownership and then they clear their cache. Even so, Google is only 1 search engine and there are many.

    If it's on the net, it's always on the net.
    Privacy does not exist on the net (go ask AOL)

  5. Thanks. Typepad (or the cops) have obviously asked for it to be wiped. It's not at either.

  6. Does this belong in the CSS customization thread?

  7. No scott but then again every css customization thread ends up on the support forum so there is continual overlapping. Newbie's don't often see the different forum boxes at the bottom of the forum and we lack the kind of division available on In fact when I suggested that kind of separation on the first day of css customization I was whacked. The basis for the whacking was probably sound because we are meant to learn, share and grow here.

    Aynway we out here do not have the capacity to move threads or to close them. It's untidy but I think it's just a grin and bear it situation. And for those of us who do know our way around we can jsut choose to overlook the weird ones, right? ;)

  8. Moved to Support. Please, moderators, do this if you can.

  9. This blog IS indexed by google (search motoblogster in google) but has no description (usually google takes it from meta tags). Can I fill this information in wordpress? please answer first post.


  10. Please, moderators, do this if you can

    20 times a day on average moved to the correct subforum around here. :)

    4 so far today and I've only been here 30 minutes.

  11. @drmike this is a bump
    WOAH! motoblogster still doesn't have an answer.

  12. Podz answered it. The site has only been up for a week. That's too soon for Google to spider it.

    As to the siteport link, you'll note that even they put little weight on meta tags and a lot more on site content.

  13. Thx podz ... Google has updated the blog information recently... Google information is shown faster in search engine if meta tags are used. If not... must wait.

  14. Google information is shown faster in search engine if meta tags are used.

    Um, no. Experience tells me that's not true.

  15. Meta tags are useless, except for the ones that direct the web spiders on how to index your site.

    They are also sometimes used for validating that you are the owner of a site (ie: with Google Sitemaps)

  16. except for the ones that direct the web spiders on how to index your site

    And there are some spiders *cough* MSN *cough* A9 *cough* which ignore them anyway.

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