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    I have read & researched so much my head is spinning. Can someone just email me an answer to my specific question. I just started a wordpress blog, I have my own domain name from a registar but I don’t believe I have a type account, whatever that means. Anyway I was trying to place a widget on my sidebar and after searching & reading thousands of questions & answers I still don’t know if it is allowed. I did a review on my cousins book on marriage, & being as though I plan to base my blogs on parenting, marriage advice AS WELL AS the fact she is my cousin, I wanted to place an amazon widget of her book on my page. And possibly one other book I’m reading that I absolutely love & want to share with my bloggers. I don’t plan to get rich off of amazon…does anyone really? Anyway, a guy who liked my 1st or 2nd post…I went to his page to see what he was about and noticed he had a Virgin air blinky at the top and a progressive add on his sidebar. When I clicked them they were through clickbank. Now I don’t want this poor stay at home dad to have his page shut down so please dont, I just said that to say, from what I read these are not allowed. Yet some how these forums in some respect do allow some that aren’t suppose to be allowed? I’m confused. I hate blinky & spamm junkky sites just as much as the next guy. All I want to do is put a an Amazon widget for my cousins book & may one or two others. Or even if I tried a product that I just love & want to share with others! If I CAN have your permission to do this, can you please tell me how to “legally” as this is only my second day of blogging & I’d hate to get suspended. Took me way to long to get a website up and running! I am far removed from being computer techy or savvy. lol

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    I have two blog accounts & want to delete one of them. How do I do that? I’m keeping the wonderfully made……and want to get rid of the wonderful work in progress.



    You can delete blogs but you can’t delete accounts here. Note that if you delete the blog, neither you nor anyone else can use that URL or those contents ever again.

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