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    I’m working on a blog and for some reason when it breaks down to mobile size the menu just collapses down into a very basic and ugly dropdown menu. I’m not having any luck trying to edit it and I’m not sure which code I should interact with. Even just a basic button with the three vertically stacked lines that leads to a drop down would be a huge improvement.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey jburkamper,

    As I can see, you’re using the free plan which doesn’t allow you to add any extra code.

    To change the design, you require custom CSS for which, at least premium plan is required.

    Please check the pricing.


    Hi @jburkamper, the reason that menus on virtually all sites now-a-days have the collapsed menu on mobile is to so that it doesn’t look cluttered and take up a bunch of space and force users to scroll down as much to see the content, and also because on mobile devices, trying to accurately tap a menu label where there may be multiple lines of menu items is very difficult. Search engines are actually focusing a lot on mobile users since they have surpassed desktops/laptops in web surfing, and if menus are seen by them as not having easily navigable menus, they can actually discount your site’s placement in their search results.

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