Inheritance of owner/administrator rights?

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    Dear all,

    A serious request: Is it possible to bequeath someone a blog?

    What this means is the possibility for someone to receive owner rights after the decease of the blog owner.

    As I understand, I could invite someone as an administrator or editor in the lifetime, but I don’t want the person to know about it yet, even though I’m completely sure he will see to it.

    Basically, my website should remain unchanged, but I want someone to be able to respond, e.g. to incoming comments.

    Moreover, in order to remain the website someone has to continue the annual payment for the upgraded storage space. To my understanding, this can only be done by the owner.

    Kind Regards

    The blog I need help with is


    Maybe staff have a procedure for this already, but the simplest thing is just to write down your passwords and other info needed to log in with your email address and screen names. Put that stuff in a sealed envelope and leave it with your executor or someone you trust, with instructions to pass it on to your blogging successor. That person can then log in as you, and if he wants to he can change names, passwords, etc. That ought to work.



    I think the storage space upgrade only needs to be paid to add new media – if you are not adding new media you should not need to pay for the upgrade. yes upgrades need to be paid for by the owner of the upgrade (see above) – leaving the info as noted above should work – the only thing the person getting the blog should do is change the email for the blog to their own email –



    Thanks for your responses.

    The suggestion to pass the access data seems the obvious way, but I wonder if this is permissible. I wish to avoid that this might be regarded as a kind of abuse.

    Assumingly, it might turn out at the lastest when the first annual renewal of storage upgrade becomes due, because this will be done by another credit card owner. To my understanding, the media that only could have been added with this storage upgrade won’t be available on the website without renewal.

    An idea which came to my mind:
    The new owner registers for his own WordPress account (without setting up a blog). Then, he accesses my website using my data in order to configure himself as an additional administrator. (Due to his own account he will be able to accept the according email generated from my account). After that, he can move my blog to his account to freely dispose of further administration.

    As mentioned: maybe staff has a procedure for this already, since I am not sure if my idea really would work.



    From the Space Upgrade FAQ

    What happens to my files if I cancel my subscription?
    You will not be able to upload any new files until you resubscribe to the Space Upgrade. Files that you have already uploaded will remain accessible.

    I have not seen any threads about a “standard” staff procedure

    Your friend can set up their own account (correct no blog required) then you can invite them to your blog and promote them to Admn.

    Transfer a blog is simple (almost too simple a few times) – the blog owner (account) goes to the My Blogs section and clicks on the Transfer a Blog and a couple of clicks later it is done – I think the ownership of the upgrades need to be transferred by the staff – but in the case of a Space Upgrade – not needed unless the new Admin is going to add media – and in that case the new Admin can just buy the Space upgrade from scratch when it expires – the ownership of upgrades is only critical for domain names & Domain Mapping – all others can just be bought again when they expire

    hope this helps a bit

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