inline images in posts getting auto-resized oddly

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    For example, take a look at my post:

    The post includes a code listing of a JavaScript program that demonstrates some primitive frame-based animation based on still images. I included an image there that folks would need to download in order to make the program work.

    That used to work, but over the last couple of months the image has started displaying incorrectly. It’s being stretched, and cropped, and it looks like bunch of TV-style “scan lines” are appearing across it. This, in turn, appears to be happening because WordPress is now automatically (and apparently indelibly, since I can’t seem to edit it away?) setting a “width” parameter in the images URL.

    Anyway, the upshot is, when you download the image, the downloaded version is messed up too, which makes the demo program not work.

    How can I work around this problem? I’ve started including a direct link to the image file in my blog text, but that seems kind of silly.

    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

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