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    When I click to access site, I see that no blog title, and even image struggles to appear, this has been happening since site creation. If one is in reader, and one of my posts comes up, it has no blog title.

    I had hoped it would right itself, but it hasn’t …. could you correct it PLEASE

    The blog I need help with is


    When I sign in – Ok When I click upon sites, I get an image of site sometimes, and no title of site. I have to float mouse around looking for the arrow to change to know where to click.

    Now I find if I go into reader, and one of my posts appear, it does not show blog title just NO TITLE. If I was in reader, and a post came up with NO TITLE, I would avoid it…

    So I ask for your help out of desperation, as I no longer think site is worth posting to in its present state….

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