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  1. Hi,

    I'm using the new iNove theme for my blog,, and I'm trying to figure out the widgets. While I want to add some, I want to keep the "random posts" but I don't want the tag cloud.

    There isn't yet a support article for this theme, so I'm wondering: what do I do?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The sidebars are:

    top full-width: north
    Middle half-width: west (left) and east (right)
    bottom full-width: south.

    The top (north) default theme-generated sample widgets (before you add anything) are the random posts and the tag cloud. The only way to keep that theme-generated random posts widget is to not put anything into that north sidebar, and you will have to live with the tag cloud.

  3. Okay, thank you for your help.

  4. You're welcome.

    It's too bad that that "random post" widget isn't a real widget available for insertion like the other widgets.

  5. or you can shut the side bar off by going to the theme's options section!!!

  6. thesacredpath - Hopefully will consider making it a real widget in the future. Making the tag cloud a real widget, at least for the iNove theme, would be great too if users didn't want it.

    t3ck - True, though for me the sidebar's main functionality is for the widgets and readers being able to navigate through the blog easily. I'm not sure how I could work without using a sidebar.

  7. The tag cloud is a real widget. It is in the available widgets section at appearance > themes. What is missing is a "random post" widget, which is actually unique to this theme. There is at least one other theme that has a unique widget, but I can't remember which theme it is.

    The following code, when put into a text widget, produces a link to a random post from your blog if that would help you in any way. It doesn't display the title of the post, but will pull up a random post. If this would work for you, you could then add a text widget to the north sidebar, which would make the theme's random post and tag cloud widget disappear and then your "homemade" random post widget would appear there.

    <a href="" title="Click here for random post">Feeling lucky??? Click here for a random post</a>

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