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    Hi, everyone
    I have started a new blog with the new iNove theme but the widgets seem all over the place.

    I had the north, south, east and west sidebars to start with now I am down to one sidebar as the others all disappeared when I reloaded the screen. And when I added a widget to one of the sidebars other widgets stopped displaying or won’t stay in the sidebar I put them in.

    Is this a theme problem, or just my problem? Any solutions appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I can see your widgets just fine using the Firefox browser ver: 3.5.2, What Browser are you using ?

    I suggest clearing your browser cache and cookies FAQ for Browser Issues



    Sorry, I should have clarified I am talking about in the dashboard not just viewing on screen normally.

    I am using Google Chrome, but I have checked in Opera 10, as well, and they don’t show up in that in the dashboard, either. Just the one basic sidebar, not all four that I think it should be displaying.

    I am also on Linux, Ubuntu 8.04LTS if that makes any difference.

    I should also point out is not formatting too well on screen, either. When you have few tags they foul the heading of the next post down.



    they just “upgraded” the widget area to be one sidebar instead four. i must say i’m very upset about it, since the possibility to style the sidebar with one and two columns was a reason to get this theme. i styled everything as i wanted it to be, was happy with the result – and BANG, because some users can’t handle it, they DOWNGRADED the theme. yeah, well done wordpress!



    Ohhhhhh, this is a serious bummer. I liked the 4 sidebars because of the tremendous flexibilty.

    This must go back to the way it was with the 4.



    Thanks for replying, guys.

    As long as I at least know that it isn’t a fault then I can live with it, as the narrow sidebars don’t really work for me when you can’t tweak the code to adjust that width.

    I still have a problem with the tags fouling the title of the post below, though. Any chance WordPress can tweak the margin or padding on that as well.

    Also the tag cloud looks OK in Firefox but is poor in Google Chrome and Opera 10. It is too scrunched up and so the larger fonts are getting cut off.


    I’ve contacted staff about it, so as soon as they reply to me I’ll post here to update everyone.


    This is ridiculous! It took me three hours yesterday to get the sidebars how I wanted them and now it is all gone, the theme is rubbish now, just one like so many others!



    Thank you, The Sacred Path.



    I’m happy to know that this I’m not the only person here having this problem!



    oh yes! I was happy with my arrangement and bam! it was gone. I felt that the four side bars are excellent!


    Same thing happened to me. I LOVED the 4 column option, then mine disappeared as well. NOT COOL!

    Hopefully they bring the N, S, E & W sidebars back. The whole reason I changed to the new theme.



    Let them know what you think.


    Does anybody have any news on this?

    I also posted a comment here but it seems they stopped publishing the comments to that post when they removed the sidebars, so now it looks as if nobody was complaining…..

    And no answer from support either…..


    N.S.E.W. We want them back coz they’re the best…
    Pretty please with sugar on…


    I haven’t heard back on my query to staff, so there is no news.

    They don’t delete comments because someone is complaining.


    thesacredpath,, I agree I’ve not long been on here, but I have looked around and seen complaints “doh what do they want for free” I think word press is brill, its easy to get your head around, if like me your a blogvirg it’s the best…



    Gonna have to have a talk with that girl.

    If people want only one sidebar to show, all they have to do is put blank text widgets in the other sidebars. The multiple sidebar configuration was one of the things I liked about that theme.

    Now it’s just another black/white/greyscale theme theme where you can turn off post metadata – ie nothing special.



    Yes I played for ages with it “I had a go” I like the theme so will stick with it.., but it would be nice if I could get back all those ages I spent NSEW

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