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Inove clipping text?

  1. HI everyone,
    So, I am using the Inove theme for my blog (which is and the text on the right side of certain pages is clipped. This only started happening a day ago. Anyone know what's up? I would change themes, but I really need the drop down menu. Also, the little home icon has disappeared. What could cause this! AHHH!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As you have edited the CSS on the theme I'm thinking that's probably where the problem is stemming from. I will flag this thread so our Moderator moves it to the CSS Customization Forum.

  3. I checked out your site and couldn't find any clipped words as for your home icon missing is because your header image is to big.

  4. TT, before I move the thread I would like to see what the OP's response is to the CSS because I don't see any signs that there was any CSS classes changed.

  5. Okay but if he didn't use CSS editing then how did he alter the footer text? I'll be interested to find that out.

  6. @TT, fair enough and great catch this thread is now part of the CSS forum.

  7. @T3ck
    Yikes! I'm so sorry - I was wrong! I just tried INove my test blog and that change in the footer (copyright notice) is an automatic feature so maybe there was no CSS editing done on this blog at all. Maybe he just uploaded an oversized header and through the whole layout out of whack.

  8. @TT, I noticed that when I visited their blog the W logo was missing from the footer so I got the impression that there was CSS tweaks involved.

  9. Nope. On my test blog as soon as I placed a blog title on the General Settings page it also appeared in the footer of the theme. That's a cool feature that many of us have wanted for a long time.

    P.S. I'm also thinking that cartoon is not likely to be one that doesn't have a copyright attached to it so it could be problematic.

  10. Thanks for the help. I reverted to the original css and it fixed the home icon problem, but there is still clipping of text on the right side of certain pages. Check the 'about' page for example. Any ideas now that the css is fixed? Thanks again!

  11. I'm viewing the blog using Firefox 3.5.7 and I don't see any "clipping". Have you downloaded Web Developer and Firebug? Also are you aware of this free service to test cross browser compatibility?

  12. OOPS! Now I looked closer and I do see the "clipping" on the About page.

  13. My CSS abilities are non existent. devblog is a pro but he won't be back until Friday or Saturday at the earliest and his time is in high demand. He can definitely help you provided he has the time to. He always recommends anyone doing CSS editing read this post of his

  14. is this a css problem if i am using the original css provided by inove?

  15. thanks for this link btw, thats a cool service:

  16. is this a css problem if i am using the original css provided by inove?

    I don't see how it could be so I'm thinking you may need to contact Staff

  17. ok, it is fixed now, the problem was actually with some minor html stuff. thanks for the help everyone!

  18. YAY! That's good to hear. Happy blogging. :)

  19. out of curiosity? how did you fix this issue in the html... im just getting started with wordpress and html and all this so i have no idea how to correct any errors.

  20. @audiarrondo
    Please post the URL for the blog to whuch you are referring starting with http://

  21. @Timethief sorry about that...

  22. @audiarrondo
    That's not a blog. We have an adapted version of the INove theme here.It's NOT the same as yours because our software is different and because some features you have we don't' have. The correct forum for you to post to is here http://wordpress.orh/support/

  23. Sorry - that link should be

  24. will do thank you... sorry for the trouble.

  25. No problem and best wishes. If I may make a suggestion it would be that you visit the site of the theme designer. Most wen designers do have forums for providing support for those who use their themes.

  26. I think im going to go with another theme which is much more easily customizable.
    check it out... Im pretty sure this could work really nicely for ANYONE that doesnt know how to write HTML, CSS, PHP, etc...

    P.S. Im not pushing this or promoting it in any way.

  27. But you posted a link to a theme that bloggers cannot use. That usually causes confusion. I was trying to politely get you to post to the correct forum or to web designer's web sites rather than posting here so there wouldn't be any confusion. I won't be continuing this conversation. Best wishes with your blog.

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