Why is Inove drop down not working in IE?

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    I am using Inove theme and am using the Main Menu feature. On the main menu, I have a series of pages. Under the About page, I have 5 pages, which should show as a drop down / hover option on the About menu item. This functionality works as expected in Chrome and Firefox, but not IE8. With IE8, there are no dropdowns when hovering over the About page. Any ideas?

    As a side note, this functionality was working fine in all browsers until I made a change to add a new page to the menu titled ‘Featured Athletes.’ It is no longer working.

    Blog url: http://everettcrossfit.wordpress.com/


    Thanks for reporting this. I was just able to reproduce it in IE compatibility mode. I’ll get in touch with our theme team so that we can take a look at it and get things fixed up.


    @kpsylvester Drop down menus are working as expected in IE8 on Windows 7 on my end. Are you still experiencing the same issue?

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