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    Using INove at and I’m a bit confused.. basically my blog is mainly a poetry blog. I’ve got my home page (which i understand to be everything I post) my about page (me) and an extra page I’ve created for an epic long poem which is I am constantly updating so it needs to be seperate.
    But on my dashboard there is an option to create a menu in the appearance section…which is precisly what I want to do but it doesn’t seem to happen.
    There’s three of my poems that are spread throughout the blog that i would like to gather together under one menu in the banner bar as though they were another page…does that make sense and is it possible please?
    I’ve tried playing around with the menu setting as above but nothing seems to happen…
    :) cheers

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff have provided this support documentation entry for those who want to structure their blog like a website which is what you want to do. >

    What’s critical is to understand when creating a website structure is the following:
    1. The differences between pages and posts >

    2. There is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page. When we publish a post it automatically appears on the running page for posts and also on the Categories pages and Archives pages.

    3. We organize our posts by assigning Categories to them. Although there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page, we can create the appearance we have done so by creating a custom menu. In that custom menu you may display Categories (& sub-categories), Pages (& subpages) and Custom Links in tabs along the horizontal navigation.

    Read also >

    Create any new pages you need first. >

    1. You create a custom menu.

    2. You add the Parent pages you want to display and arrange them in the order you want.

    3. Then you add and drop and drag the subpages below the appropriate Parent pages, and when you have everything arranged in the menu that you want you save the menu.

    4. Go to the “theme location” module at upper left on the menu page. Select your custom menu name from the pulldown labeled “primary location.” Click the save button in that module.

    5. Refresh your browser so that it isn’t possibly pulling a cached page, and view see your new menu with Parent pages and dropdowns to sub-pages.

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