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    First, just wanted to say my blog is set to private but the question is for the iNove theme in general so access to the site isn’t required. My question is whether you can create sub pages on the home icon. Thanks for your time and if I’m being too vague please let me know.

    p.s. Panos, got any workarounds?


    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know if you can have dropdowns off the home page icon or not, have you tried with a custom menu?



    I created sub pages for the actual home page but not the icon


    I just did some testing and apparently one cannot get rid of the icon style home page link nor can one add submenu items to it.



    Oh, okay, thanks anyway for trying


    You are welcome. That button is not actually part of the “menu” so there is no way to add submenu items to it.


    And even if you could, it wouldn’t be a reasonable thing to do. The home tab is just a link back to your blog front: adding dropdowns to it doesn’t make sense.


    @panos, doesn’t make sense to me either, but I’ve seen a growing number of sites around the web that have dropdowns off the home page tab. The thing is, no one expects the home page tab to have dropdowns. I certainly found it surprising.


    I guess those sites are confusing “Home” with “Site”.


    Or they had too much crammed on all the other tabs to add any more to them. I’ve seen a lot of that lately as well with dropdowns that fill the whole height of my screen with two or three levels on nearly every submenu item. When that happens, it is no longer a menu, it is a book.



    The reason I’m interested in doing this is because I attach the “about” page to the actual home page in the Twenty Ten theme and I’m switching to the iNove theme soon and I wanted to save room for other pages under the header image so I was wondering if I could attach sub-pages to the home icon.

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