Inove tabs won't work in IE8

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    I have a blog which I run using Inove, which seemed to do everything I wanted — until, mysteriously, the drop-down tabs ceased to work a few months ago. The pages are still there, and if I paste a direct link to them into my browser they come up, but the tabs themselves just don’t appear when one clicks on the menu. This is most frustrating as they are key to my business. It’s not a cookie problem as I’ve rebuilt the hard drive since the problem started but nothing’s changed.

    Searching the Support Forum I found someone else with precisely this problem; it seems it is specific to some web browsers. It’s true. The tabs are working fine in Firefox, but are not present in IE8. However I suspect the vast majority of one’s visitors are likely to be using IE8.

    Any advice?? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    In IE8 try accessing the tabs with compatibility view on and off and see what happens. IE8 has a split personality disorder that is somewhat difficult to deal with from a web design standpoint.



    Thanks for this reply. I’ve given it a try and sadly it makes no difference. More tips welcomed! Suspect the problem is with something in Inove itself.


    Thanks for letting us know about this, Jon. We’re looking into it.

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