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    please can somebody walk me through how to add features to my blog?

    i chose “inove” theme because it said “translation ready.” So I’m thinking international languages.

    i got my blog set up and posted one post.

    Now all i want on my right column are: 1) search widget, 2) a calendar widget, 3) recent comments widget, 4) a translation widget and 5) categories widget. WordPress says to drag over the widgets, but of course dragging does not work. And I can’t even find the translation widget.
    such a steep learning curve with wordpress.
    can somebody please step me through this?


    The blog I need help with is



    Stormy, again.
    I want my blog to look like this blog.

    Lastly how do I make comments people make to my blog to stay “ever present”? I mean I don’t want comments to disapear into a folder making people need click a folder to read comments. I want all comments to stay visible just like the example website. Later if my blog gets too popular then I will send comments to a folder. But not now.
    Thanks much, Stormy



    Stormy, are you sure that the theme you’ve chosen supports widgets? Not all themes do. Otherwise not being able to drag widgets to the right doesn’t make sense. You simply drag the one you want, and place it in the Panel on the right side of the Widget’s page.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you with your ‘comments’ question. I’m a new blogger myself.



    Did you have a blog hosted on and did you follow the steps in the video here?

    There is no translation widget.

    The blog you are referring to is NOT a blog. That said, comments on your blog posts will stay visible on the post. Why would they disappear into a folder?



    INove does support widgets.


    Widgets are supported in all themes except Monotone.



    thanks. yea.

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