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iNove will not disable global tags?

  1. I tried switching over to iNove so I could hide the global tag links on the bottom of my posts. I unchecked "show tags on posts" under Theme Options, but the global tags still appeared on all of my posts. How can I be rid of them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where is your blog please?

  3. is the blog in question.

  4. If you do not want any links there you need to check both tags and categories. Right now one box is checked.

  5. I can't have it be just category links? I'd have to ditch the links completely?

  6. Category and tag listing in the posts area will lead to the wordpress global tags pages. The only way to have those links go local (to your blog pages) is to either set your blog to block search engines or set it to private under settings > privacy.

    The global tags pages have a huge amount of search engine juice, and having your posts appear on those pages means you share in that juice and it increases your page rank with the search engines. Also, many people get a lot of new readers coming in from the global tags pages.

  7. There's no other way to have local categories on posts, even alongside global tags? Otherwise, I'm not sure why having categories would even make sense.

  8. No, tags and categories listed in the posts will always go to the global tags pages unless you change the privacy settings as I mentioned.

    The tags and categories in the widgets though will always go local. Turn off tags and categories on the posts and use the tag cloud and categories widgets would be my suggestion.

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