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Inquires about Europe...

  1. I am taking my first visit to Europe in May for four weeks. A girlfriend and I will be venturing throughout and staying in hostels. I don't know what to expect really...
    any advise, tips or pointer?
    (packing, where to go, where NOT to go, money-saving and spending, travel, etc..)

    thank you for any knowledge you may be able to offer!


  2. Could you be more specific? Europe isn't just one place. Albania? The Lake Country? Normandy? Rome?

  3. You should go to and check out their thorn tree forum. The whole world is divided into sections, Europe into individual countries. Register and ask away, or just do a search on what's already there. The well is deep and wide.

  4. I hear they have vampires in Transylvania. I've also heard of a fabled land known only as "Luxembourg" that is deeply shrouded in mystery. I like to think of it as the "black lodge" at the end of the show Twin Peaks - probably occupied by a dancing dwarf and/or a creepy Kyle Mclaughlin doppleganger.

    I hear the beaches in southern France are nice.

  5. Nice is in southern France, but it's not very nice. I've been robbed twice in my life, both times in Nice.

  6. if you want go somewhere nice and random, try wales :) just came back from there. There is a Royal Hotel (niche hotels) or something which is quite reasonable. Many castles and stuff. i would direct you to my blog post bout it but it has no facts just stupid photos lol.
    if you are a fan of doctor who/torchwood you'd love it there!!

  7. ...especially if you speak Welsh.

  8. Actually, the correct name for the continent as seen from this perspective is actually 'Yurp'.

    I remember a revealing conversation I had with a woman from Idaho when I was on a field trip in California once.

    'I've often thought about visiting Yurp,' she said. 'But I just don't know how you cope with all those funny languages, all that funny food and all that funny money.'

    'It's tricky, but we just do our best,' I replied.

    Uncannily enough, Idaho has somehow never featured in my own travel plans since that day. But I'm sure it's lovely.

    As it happens, I was living in Switzerland, at the time.

    'Oh, Switzerland. How lovely!' said another delegate. 'I've always wanted to visit Stockholm.'

    Yurp. It's such a crazy place, really it is...

  9. I can suggest visiting Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden.

    That was the most peaceful and beautiful place I've ever visited. There's a wonderful arts cafe there,lit with candles, which has a fantastic atmosphere.

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