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    I received a message that if I want to continue using notifications I have to upgrade my browser because my browser will no longer be supported. Then I found a big red box on my dashboard stating that I am using an insecure version of Internet Explorer and that I need to update my browser. I clicked on the “browse happy” link, and found a link to Internet Explorer. I tried updating IE9 and got a message that I could not upgrade because I have a more recent version than what was going to download. If my browser is already updated, why is wordpress telling me I need to update? I noticed in my search for answers that wordpress recommends Google Chrome or Firefox. Is wordpress going to force us to use one of these other browsers by making it more difficult to use IE9? If so, why not just say that wordpress is changing? Why give the illusion of giving us a choice, but then take the choice away? What if I don’t want to change to one of these others? What other things will stop being supported? Will I lose my wordpress account because wordpress will no longer be compatible with IE9?

    The blog I need help with is

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