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Insert a blank line or separator between links in an RSS widget?

  1. I am using an RSS widget to post links to my Pinboard bookmarks. Unlike the Twitter links, there is no separator (blank line) between the links which therefore makes them difficult to read. I

    Is there any way (without the custom css option) that I/you can insert a separator or blank line between the links for improved readability?

    Thank you very much, in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, I was recently able to add "teal" divider lines in my sidebar (& above footer area) using HTML WIDGETS at a blog using Triton Lite Theme, see example here on a post page (as the sidebar is not visible on home page):

    I found the html coding by googling for " - divider lines" & used suggestions from a site called, though there are other tip sites as well. Sample google search:

    You have to change the width in the code to jive with the width of your theme's sidebar. You can also change the height of the line (thickness). You can also change the color of the line with whatever HEX color code.

    I was thrilled to learn this trick using html widgets for freebie/no-css-upgrade blogs.

    With that being said, I tried the same code (adjusting width, etc.) in a different theme (P2) & it didn't work. No line appeared. :-/ So maybe it only works on some themes & not others(?) Or maybe I didn't do it correctly for the P2 theme/haven't had time to go back & figure it out.

    I would post the code here but from what I understand, posting actual code in forums can mess up the forum(???)

    Also, you said you wanted a "blank line," so not sure we are talking about the same thing. I wanted clearly visible colored line dividers. :)

  3. OK, sorry, I see no way to edit/delete my comment, as after reading your post a 2nd time, I think you are wanting an extra line of space between RSS entries, so my divider-line comment would not apply. Sorry about that.

  4. tst2wp: Thank you very much! Although not exactly what I was looking for, I may try it in any case and see if that works. It may be just right!


  5. You're welcome! (Next time I'll read twice before replying. :)

  6. tst2wp:

    I went back to the rss widget to see what I could customize. The widget (for the blogum theme) only accepts the url for the source and, other than a title, has no other option for formatting the way it then presents the information.

    It's a bit odd, because a similar widget, for Twitter, presents each entry with a blank line between it and the others. So, it's apparently something in the code for the widget that, in conventional "" is not modifiable.

    And again, thank you very much for the generosity of your interest and your attempt to solve my problem for me!

  7. That is a shame! True, widgets are pretty basic, simple things that do not have a lot of internal options. I have noticed the RSS & Twitter widgets results in blogs have teenie tiny light grey font & don't look that great (not to mention hard to read with my "over the hill" eyes. 8-)

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