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insert code into sidebar

  1. I am new to both computers and to blogging. I wanted to join the Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians and they accepted me. I sucessfully made a posting on my blog and also sucessfully put them in my bookmarks on my sidebar. Now they require that I copy some script (or is it called code?) into my sidebar. I think the result may be a button but I'm not sure. I have read the documentation over and over and have tried reading similar entries on the forum but suffice to say I am too dense to understand how to do this. I tried and tried to put it into a text widget several times and failed miserably. Will you help me please? I need the kind of step by step instructions one would give to a not very bright child who is just learning to speak English computerease as a second lanuaguage. The code I must insert is:

    <h3>Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians</h3>

  2. You cannot put any script on your WordPress blog. If they will not provide a non-script code snippet for you, you will be unable to add your blog to their alliance.

  3. Thank you for your response andy. Although I do not understand why I cannot insert html code when other blogging sites do allow it and I feel like a football being passed back and forth I have asked for a snippet as you suggested. Is there a way to explain this to a newbie like me. If so I would strive to understand.

  4. Most HTML code is allowed. Scripts are not allowed because they can be used maliciously against the site and users. For the protection of everyone, scripts are removed from all user input.

    Any service that provides scripts for site verification or membership should be capable of providing script-free HTML for the same purpose.

  5. You can try with a text widget, try in the sidebar stuff. I made myself with a link to another site and I wrote there the code. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

  6. Examples of script attacks. Matt posted a few links as well but I can't find that post.

  7. dr mike I'm at a very low ebb and asking for a just little more patience. Will you look at my blog please. And "no" - this is not an attempt to raise my hit rate. My blog will only appeal to a very small targeted minority a gulf islander, a British Columbian, an environmentalist, an non politically aligned person, or a San Juan islander etc.
    So here'e my situation. Today I have been able to save the Blogging Dippers image to my desk top and even succesfully placed the image (code) into a "bookmark" which displays on my sidebar. I have successfully created a "post" for the Blogging Dippers with the image in it. I have also successfully created the image ( code) on a "page" I have called Links.
    My theme is Andreas 09 and I like very much because it's a clean 3 column theme. I have specified 9 text widgets. However, I have repeatedly failed to get the "Blogging Dippers" button to display in my sidebar even though I think I did everything correctly using the text widget box inserting the image (code). Yes -I did "save".
    Well, yesterday I went through the same process with The Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians.I put the code in a "post", on my links "page" and in my "bookmarks". However, I could not do the text widget thing successfully although I tried and tried until I cried (I bawl loudly when I'm frustrated).
    Today I am no longer bawling. I'm utterly despondent because I can't understand the difference between the first two - the difference that all seems to hinge on insertion of html code into a text widget. Of course I don't want to compromise security. And no I'm not a proficient computer geek putting forward an elegant or nit picky argument. I'm a newbie without any agenda of any kind other than making this ding dong thing work for me. Other folks have sidebar image buttons - I just don't get it - why can't I?
    Believe me when I say I apologize for sounding like a (b)witch or a whiner on this topic. And know for me that going on like this while everyone is listening rather than in a private meassge is excruciatingly embarassing. But I've swallowed my pride because this is important to me - and these are only two groups I am joining! There's no esacaping it!I will have to go through this process at least 6 more times![She said while banging her forehead on floor].P.S. You might consider this as a comic theme even though I'm not a redhead:)

  8. Well, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what code you're trying to put in there. All I see up above in the first post is just an image and a link with a <h3> tag surrounding them. I know that that's allowed.

    I'm guessing though that that's not what you want.

    You mentioned the Blogging Dippers post and I did take a look at that and clicked though the link. Now, when I look at the page that I wind up on, it shows HTML code that includes a JAVAScript. As stated up above and many times in the past on this forum, JavaScripts are not allowed within space except for some very special cases. Why? Because they are a security risk. If you click though that link above that I gave, it lists examples of where sites were hacked and taken over via these scripts. Other sites may allow them but, by doing so, they also allow hackers to come in and wipe out sites and servers.

    This has been explained in the past and up above. I'm sorry that you are having an issue understanding it and I'm not sure why you wrote 6 paragraphs that really did not have anything to do with the question involved. I'm trying to take a hands off approach to moderation around here so I'm going to leave it in there but I'm still shaking my head.

    You are *NOT* trying to add in HTML code. You are trying to add both HTML code and JAVAScript at the same time. The JAVAscript is being removed for security reasons.

    Here's one thing that might help.

    You can try contacting the arthor of the site directly to see if he can provide an RSS feed instead. He might be able to do so, especially if you let him know that the issue is that you're on a site that doesn't allow JAVAScripts.. It's a simple blogroll and it's been done before. You can also copy the information manually and update it every few days if you want as well.

  9. Timethief, try this:

    1. Go to the Add Bookmark section of your Dashboard.
    2. Add the following text to the URI box:
    3. Add the following text to the NAME box:
      • Blogging Dippers
    4. Add whatever text you want to the DESCRIPTION box:
      • The Blogging Dippers
    5. Click the plus sign on the Advanced bar to open it if it's not already open.
    6. Add the following text to the Image URI box:
    7. Add the following text to the Notes box:
      • Blogging Dippers
    8. Look through the list of categories on the side and choose a sidebar category that applies to this button or create a new one for it.
    9. If you want users who click the button to open a new window to view the Blogging Dippers site (as opposed to having that site open in place of your blog) then click the plus sign on the Target bar to open it and choose the _blank option.
    10. Save the changes.
    11. View your site to make sure the button's there.
    12. Email the Blogging Dippers to let them know you've added the link and want to be included in their list.
    13. Mention to them that they might want to make it clearer that there is a nonscript alternative for WordPress or other nonscript blog sites.
    14. Get busy blogging. ;>
  10. Dang, the forum software stripped off the h t t p : / / part of those two links above. The links will probably work without them, but I'd add them just to be safe.

  11. ptvguy, please follow the link that he's provided. He's trying to add in the blogroll, not the button.

  12. ptv guy and drmike I apologize for being too detailed in my post drmike. I actually thought I was on topic and was trying to include as much information as possible to increase the chances of your being able to help me. I don't know a java script from a whatever... and I'm not sure why you shouted *NOT* at me but I apologize anyway. ptvguy - I have followed the instructions you gave me religiously step by step. I am on 10 "save the changes" but I can't find anything to click that says "save". I've had my husband look too and he can't find anything that says "save" to click either. What I can find is "Add Bookmark>>" so I'm going to click it after I send this post. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I appreciate the fact that you cared and you shared and I will still be grateful even if it doesn't work [fingers crossed].

  13. It may take a few minutes to show. Or do like me and go edit a post but don't edit anything. Just save it and then the changes happen that second.

  14. Okay so I didn't get the little image button thing in my sidebar. What I did get was another bookmark like the first one I made. It's not the end of the world. I will delete the duplicate bookmark and get on with the business of moving a couple of dozen draft posts I have on the Blogger account that I intend to close to my WordPress blog. Thanks anyway gentlemen.

  15. You can set up a text widget and place the html codes in there. I finally figured out the other week how to finally write in a text widget. lol

  16. Sorry, Timethief. Going to Add Bookmark was step one. Once you're in there, the "Add BookMark >>" button is clearly visible.

    drmike: In the post I answered, Timethief said,

    However, I have repeatedly failed to get the "Blogging Dippers" button to display in my sidebar even though I think I did everything correctly using the text widget box inserting the image (code).
    If she wants it in the blogroll, then all she has to do is choose the blogroll category in step eight.

  17. You can not add the blogroll into a widget though. It is JavaScript based. The questioner is not trying to add a simple link here. They are trying to add in a script.

  18. At Blogger, we had to do our blogroll by adding link by link by adding the html codes:

    <l i > < a href = " http://" >Google News</ a >< /li >

    Without the spaces. But do put a space in between a href= and also a space in between Google News or whatever your naming the link.

    I had to space everything else out because the code went through and created the link.

  19. Wow! Thank you nosysnoop for providing me with the template, format, formula or whatever you call it.

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