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    1. I’m trying to insert a drop-down clickable menu in my Table of Contents Page in my “The Biblical Apologist” blog.

    2. I have a 10-part series of posts I’d like to put under one menu item so I don’t have to list out each of the 10 parts separately. Currently, it looks more like a book Table of Contents than a web page one.

    3. I created the menu with 10 items and saved it, then clicked on Preview.

    4. What I got were 4 rows of menu items above my Header, blocking out the view of the Home, About and Table of Contents tabs.

    5. This not only showed up on my Table of Contents page, but also my Home page and my About page.

    6. I haven’t Updated my Table of Contents Page yet, as I don’t want this mess to appear on every page.

    7. I’m using MistyLook, which allows only one menu, it would seem. So If I’m able to figure out how to insert the drop-down menu within the Table of Contents page instead of on top of every page, I’ll probably have to seek out another theme, as I’m going to need more than one drop-down menu—if there is a theme that allows more than one menu, that is.

    9. How do I insert this menu into my Table of Contents page so that when I look at it I will see one item: “Is There a Mother in Heaven?” so than when I click on this, the 10 items appear in a drop-down menu that I can click on?

    Thank you very much. I always appreciate your kind and patient help.

    The blog I need help with is

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